A watch, an accessory that is classic, function-able and timeless. (No pun intended).  Women have the luxury of wearing a variety of accessories from head scarfs/bands, bracelets, earrings, even feet jewelry; on the contrary, the market for accessories for men is often more limited. Watches are a great way to express your style. Discovering your style is a part of the journey but once determined to find a long-lasting, durable, high-quality watch band is crucial.

This may be no secret to some but news to others, to be fashionable and stylish is not the same and of course, left to each one’s personal preference.  To be fashionable is to be influenced by or to represent the latest trends and is everchanging. Whereas style is more permanent expression and isn’t susceptible to change with the fashion trend cycle. Style is a look you create, it’s the way you put everything together from colors, materials, style, and accessories. It’s a classy but unique touch to the way you present yourself.

Style is not a one size fits all in other words what works for all doesn’t work for everyone. A watch strap is an accessory that can be worn every day and is a subtle but relevant expression of your personal style.  Watch straps are interchangeable and a vital accent that dresses up and down your outfit as needed. For example, Panerai Watch Straps has 3 different materials to choose from Alligator, Rubber, and Vintage varying in different lengths and widths. Panerai Watch straps are hand made and manufactured in Germany.

They are made with the highest quality of skins and leathers. Each unique like each individual, no 2 straps are the same. The high quality remains but skin patterns and leather patina differ. There are a wide variety of watch straps that are distinct. A good rule of thumb on choosing a watch strap is to match a belt with shoes and watch to both.

The tone should be considered whether light or dark but the watch band does not need to match exactly. Alligator skin like a live alligator is water-resistant but not waterproof and is a sought after and exclusive material. Alligator is attractive, unique and perfect for a distinguished look.   Rubber is ideal for a breathable, sporty watch.

The rubber is durable, easy to clean and long-lasting. Great for the outdoorsy type and able to withstand rougher activities as well as outdoor elements such as sun, rain, and snow. The vintage watch strap is a classic day to day band that will fit a distinguished style that can be dressed up or down.

The vintage watch strap is versatile for wear from the office to happy hour or a casual dinner. It’s a classic look for the classic style.  Having a collection of bands is ideal.  As the quote says “Being prepared is half the battle”  Different straps for different occasions will have you looking sharp with minimal effort. Watches are subtle accents and give expression to your style especially when it flows. Panerai Watch straps not only has high-quality watch straps in different lengths and widths for your every occasion but accessories as well. The accessories from the tools that you will need to easily and swiftly change out your watch band to the different clasps that are also interchangeable. So don’t forget what time (eh? eh? haha) it is when it comes to making your accessories work for you.

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