Nothing can create the best atmosphere of love, romance, and with cozy vibe other than the colorful and fragrant flowers like roses. Roses are one of the best and most romantic flowers that have made an amazing place in the lives of humans and are also known as the emblem of love. But, not everyone is a great fan of roses and not every occasion is the aptest one to cherish with rose flower only.  But, this is not a problem at all as it can be solved easily with flowers only. Many flowers are also known and considered perfect for expressing love and romance.

Nature is blessed upon humans’ very much that we are blessed with such a wide range of flowers available in different shapes, sizes, and varieties expressing the feelings of love and romance. Whether you choose a single flower or bouquet; flowers are indeed the ultimate expression of romance. So, for all those who are not into roses and looking for some other variety to send flowers to the UAE, they need not worry as a plethora of options are there to fuse romance in the full bloomy mood.

Flowers are always associated with the hearty feelings of romance, love, and purity, and this is the reason why; we have listed here some of the best flowers other than roses that are new and unique and also the best ones to express love to someone close to your heart. So, explore the list given below and take your romantic occasions to the next level. Let us just get started:

  1. Magnolia

Magnolias are simply magical in their way to express the heart to that special person in your life. Having a pleasant aroma, it creates the ultimate romantic atmosphere for your special date.

  1. Jasmine

If this is about expressing your deep love to someone very special in your life, Jasmine is the one old classic choice to make. If you are not found of many jasmines, then you can add some of these charming stems to the bouquet to make it more amazing.

  1. Orchids

Symbolizing seduction, fun, excitement, and will leave no chance in impressing your partner on any special occasion. Orchids are considered more exotic and amazing than many romantic flowers available. These flowers also show a feeling of love, hope, and passion.

  1. Lilies

Representing wealth and prosperity in life, Lilies are available in such a myriad of vibrant colors each symbolizing a whole different feeling and emotion of the heart. For the birthdays and anniversaries, a bouquet of these amazing flowers will tune out to be the boldest choice to go with. For the one planning for a romantic night, nothing can set a romantic background better other than these colorful flowers.

  1. Geranium

If you are planning to bring that wider smile on your loved ones’ face, a bunch of gorgeous and lively geraniums is the one to choose for. They symbolize a fresh and new beginning, and will also help you to take your relationship to the next level in life.

  1. Tulips

From the shape to their amazing colors and shades, Tulips are the perfect flower to choose for someone who is a happy-go-lucky person around you. The colors of this flower symbolize brightness, cheerfulness, happiness, and positivity and also the ones to conjure romantic fantasies. So, choose this ideal way to create that magical spark on any occasion.

  1. Carnations

One of the most known flowers that date the way back to ancient times, Carnations holds a very reputation position. Symbolizing the love and the bonding or romance and playfulness, and known for their amazing fragrance, this flower will turn out to be the best one for gifting purpose. The pink, red, and yellow ones are the best ones to include in the bouquet.

  1. Alstroemeria

Referred to as the “Peruvian lily”, the alstroemeria falls in the lily family and is a perfect way to express the loving feelings of the heart especially on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Probably the pink and red ones are perfect for anniversaries and all those memorable moments where you need to show your partner about how much you care.

  1. White Chrysanthemum

This flower dates back to the 15th Century, where it is used to express joy and optimism in many cultures. Chrysanthemums also represent perfection and simplicity and thus, it is always better to pick such a gift that can express the perfection of your sweetheart.

  1. Sunflower

A bouquet of long, bright, and gorgeous sunflowers will make your loved ones feel very special when you will express your love through them.  From birthday, anniversaries and every occasion, sunflowers will make an uplifting gift as they are the perfect expression of pure adoration & admiration.

The gorgeous flowers that are listed on the list will prove that you don’t need only roses to make an amazing impact on your loving partner. Each of the flowers mentioned above is very unique and new that will express your love amazingly to your love of life. For the ones who are searching for the best way to order the good quality flower arrangements and bouquets to send to your loved ones residing in the UAE, many online portals are there offering a wide range of flowers online to their customers. So, order online flower in Dubai from the online stores as well.

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