Indian Railways is an exciting and wonderful area if you make the most of it. You can enjoy the train rides to the fullest once you know what you would do while you travel by train. There are many activities that can make your train trips absolutely memorable, pleasant and fulfilling.

Again, if you think that you don’t know what really is going to make your boring train trips exciting and worth experiencing then keep on reading till the end. This post is going to give you a wonderful set of things to do!

Read, Read and Read!

Yes, make it clear to you that you would carry a book, a magazine or simply a novella when you travel by train. The thrill and fun of reading a piece are amazing when you are travelling. Reading would not just feed new things in your mind but also make sure that your train journey turns out to be wonderful and friendly.

A personal gallery

Again if you have a camera then make sure that you carry it along. And if you don’t have a lavish camera then your mobile already has one right? Go ahead and take the shots that you think are different, strange, wonderful, captivating and nice. You would come across so many sites, tunnels, the green areas, cross the bridges and get to see many sites of people carrying out their regular chores. Ah, it would be so good to have so many clicks and once you are back home, sit in your chair, go through the gallery you made out of your journey and you would feel so accomplished and good!

Speak with people

Come on, you are a human being and humans do talk no matter what. If you like to speak don’t restrict yourself from speaking. You must speak with the passengers sitting next to you. In this way, you can talk to them and get an idea about what they think and so on. But caution: make sure that you don’t reveal any personal information, share any confidential data or speak about any caste-related narrow things. Go general in your talks and you would get to know about so many new things that you might have no idea about before.

Taste the cuisines

The times have gone when you had to make food and pack it along for your train journeys. Now is the time to eat fresh and hot food while traveling. You can Order Food from Train and make sure that you get the food delivered therein. Certainly, there are so many e-catering services out there that deliver food right on the next station.  You can order the specialties of that specific region you are in and taste the spices, tangs, and preferences of the city, region, state or area you are in. it would be a great experience for you!


So, suddenly the train rides and journeys sound so exciting, right? Go ahead and make the musts of these four activities when you travel and enjoy to the fullest.