It is evident that software development and software testing have become two separate industries. Since the link of both these industries is stronger than ever, one company finds it hard to give its best to both departments. That is the reason why the majority of the software development companies do not test their software in their houses and prefer to outsource it to some automation testing company. This demand and supply have given rise to the automation testing industry and if you are someone who is thinking to get into this business, you must be afraid to fail in having a stable business. This article will provide you an insight into 8 ways you can make your software testing better without spending much. Also, a little secret is that it will help you stabilize your business as well.

Software Quality Assurance

Research shows a lot of new software testing businesses fail due to poor quality assurance. This includes a whole plan about processes and technologies to be used to make the testing phase even better. If the basis of this plan is not laid down right, things can go bad very soon.

Quality Control Checks

You must be aware of software quality control processes that are devised to ensure the quality of every software chunk. Similarly, when it comes to testing, quality control must be on your priority list to ensure that the outcome of software testing is a great software that does not leave any room for complaints.

Proper Testing Strategy

Every automation testing company must ensure a proper testing strategy is designed before the process is started. It is a high-level document that works on meeting the Business Requirements Specification document. The main components may include the scope of testing, objectives, budget, standards to be followed, and other similar things.

Laying Down a Test Plan

Laying down a proper test plan is very important to make sure end results are perfect. A test plan includes details about what to test, how to test, when to test, and the team to test each code chunk. Moreover, it covers the testing scope and other activities included. You must ensure your test plan includes the schedule for testing activities, properly defined roles of each member in the team, and keeps all possible issues too.

Test Cases

Once an automation testing company is done with steps defined above, it moves to the next stage of making test cases. You must make test cases to test all the possible scenarios. Run each test case more than once to ensure that the outcome is the same. Moreover, if you find issues, make sure to write the input and received output in the report along with steps you followed in order for the developer to check it when he sits down to fix it.


Almost every new testing company fails by ignoring or not doing the right one or more of the steps above. You have to keep all of these steps in your mind and do them right to make your software testing successful each time.