If you have a home with a patio, you will find that it naturally becomes a hub of activity during the summer months when friends dropping in to enjoy the great weather, good conversation, and lots of yummy food. It is quite natural that you would have invested in some furniture like tables and chairs. While these are made out of wood or metal, they will also need to be protected along with the cushions and other table furnishings once the summer season comes to an end. The best way of keeping your outdoor furniture protected is by covering them with the right type of outdoor furniture covers. Some tips on selecting the right type of outdoor furniture covers:

Size: Getting the covers of the right size is half the battle of keeping outdoor furniture safe from the elements. Not making sure of the right size of furniture covers for your patio set is a very common mistake because generally covers are made specifically for certain sizes. If the covers are too small, they will not fit and if they are too big, they will tend to catch water and dirt because they drag on the floor. Oversized furniture covers also tend to look very unsightly and you end up spending more than necessary.

Waterproof: Among the most important requirements of outdoor furniture covers is that they should be waterproof. The best outdoor furniture covers will keep your furniture completely dry with the water rolling off them without wetting them. These covers will also be robust enough to keep the furniture protected against dust, dirt, and debris that can easily spoil your patio furniture. According to https://www.forbes.com, the best way of cleaning removable canvas covers is to put them in the washing machine.

Breathable cover design: When the furniture cover is made from strong and waterproof material like canvas, polyester, nylon, etc. it can lead to a situation the air between the furniture and the cover cannot circulate. This can result in mold and mildew developing that can damage your valuable furniture, especially when the covers remain in place for months. One way of preventing this is to select a cover with a breathable fabric; however, this will also allow the ingress of moisture so the best way is to have a waterproof cover fitted with vents on the sides that will allow the trapped moisture to escape keeping the furniture dry.

Soft backing cloth: When choosing a cover for your outdoor furniture, be sure to buy one that has a soft backing cloth as this will help to prevent your furniture from being scratched. This is especially important if your furniture has a deep polish or it is made out of stained wood. In the long months when the covers are in place, they can rub against the furniture and create unsightly spots on the polish or paint in case the soft backing cloth is absent.


Lazy summer afternoons and evenings on the patio are great but when winter comes, you need to go indoors leaving the expensive furniture outdoors. Outdoor furniture covers are the best way of protecting them from the elements as well as dirt and debris and the incursion of animals and insects.