Apigee was launched by Google in the year 2004 as an application programming interface (API) management platform. It was initially launched as a subsidiary company of Google. But it was eventually merged into the cloud. API management is the process under which web applications are designed and published. Not only Apigee helps in designing and management of the applications but it also helps in carrying out the analysis of all the activities that are near the API. For analyzing these activities, the platform uses the data from the past as well as the present. It takes into consideration the risks as well as the opportunities that are available for the firm in the marketplace.

Apigee consulting firms perform better than their competitive firms as they could oversee processes such as encryption, decryption, management and other activities that are related to the designing of the applications. The benefits that are offered by Apigee to the firms that use this platform are:

  • Apigee helps the firms by providing them unlimited resources. With the abundant availability of the resources, the firms could work to their full potential and develop more and more products.
  • Apigee helps in providing secure access to the whole process to the firm through which it could design applications securely. It prevents any leakages of information, it is very important to prevent these leakages as the revenues of the firms are highly affected by these leakages. Therefore, it helps the firms in earning higher revenues by increasing the security of the application designing process.
  • Apigee API management platform provides its users with all the regulations and rules that have been formulated by the government considering the designing of the applications. As a result, the firms could easily follow these rules and maintain the standards which help the firms in achieving an edge over the other firms. They are also saved from unnecessary costs in the form of penalties or fines owing to breach of such regulations.
  • The firms can make timely delivery of the products in the market. They are also able to cash on the demand of the products when and where such a demand arises. This way the firms can retain their regular customers as well as earn a new group of customers.
  • The managers could become more competent and efficient in performing the projects or tasks assigned to them. They become better decision-makers and develop a far-sighted vision wherein they could easily forecast the performance of the product in the market and analyze the patterns of current as well as future demand in the market.

All these services and benefits offered by Apigee are the major reason behind its success in the market. Even after many advance platforms have been launched in the market and the firms have a large number of options, many firms still prefer to use Apigee as it comes with the trust of Google cloud. It makes the whole process of development and management of the applications very simple, understandable and easy for the managers as well as the other employees of the organization.