While considering the Dell XPS 14z reviews, we can compare this laptop with others which are directly competing for this piece like HP envy and Sony VAIOSA series. Most of the specs may be common in all other laptops but the performance matters here; the performance during the multitasking is a key thing to consider when you are considering different laptops at a time. Most of the people may get confused at this situation because most of the laptops have almost similar functions a category. This category may be based on the price the most countable factor while purchasing anything. The specs of this laptop start from the outer look as the design and style. While talking about outer beauty, the display and keypad are considered. Here both things the fourteen inches display and the flourishing keypad is getting good regards in respect of comments on Dell XPS 14z reviews.

As the Dell Incorporation has a strong historical background in respect of these types of computers related products. This company is indulge in this business from 1985 and offering new and advanced technology. This is an American multinational information technology corporation having more than 103,300 employes all over the world. Now the laptops have covered old desktop computers, and everybody likes to have laptops instead of desktop computers. The main reason behind this turn is that the laptops are available with minimum prices even under 300. Moreover, there is competition among the manufacturers that compelled the prices to downward. The price of this laptop is around 1000 US dollars and providing the best specs in respect of this category. The Dell XPS 14z reviews in respect of detailed specs can be considered under two heads as some are basic specs and other may be called strengthening specs.

Some Quick specifications of Dell XPS 14z:

In quick specifications, there may be three main things as the display, processor, and graphics. The display refers to the screen size and quality of display; here is 14” display with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. The quality is ensured by the Glossy LCD with LED backlight display type. The Intel core 2640 M processor is available here having speed 2800 MHz and cache memory is supporting it with 4 MB. The graphics chipset Intel HD graphics 3000 Nvidia GeForce is switchable and graphics memory is up to 1024 MB in this laptop. All of these are not only the basics for Dell XPS 14z reviews but these are actual strengths of this machine also.

Other Specifications of Dell XPS 14z:

Besides the basic specs, there are many other things also which are highly considered while getting the laptop. The foremost thing is storage capacity of the hard drive as there is 750 GB and the hard drive speed is 7200 RPM. In other storage devices, there may be the SD or MMC card, SDHC card XD picture card or memory stick. The RAM is also the most considerable thing along with the hard storage or other storage devices; here the 8 GB RAM is used with DDR3 technology having 1333 MHz memory speed. The battery has more than six hours of backup time. The networking is ensured by the Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps and wifi 802.11b/g/n. The Microsoft Windows 7 home premium is used here as an operating system. Built-in microphone, built-in webcam and built-in speakers really appreciated by the people in Dell XPS 14z review at Pickcheaplaptops.com.