Dog bites occur often, and many people tend to ignore the statistics. However, dog bites are not something to brush off no matter how minor the injury is. It is crucial to get immediate medical attention before anything else. So, if you or your child has been bitten by a dog that belongs to someone else, there is the need to hire an attorney depending on the circumstances. If you have been wrongfully injured in Seattle after a dog bite, you will need to hire an attorney. Here are the reasons why.

Dog Bites are Serious

As mentioned earlier, dog bites are serious and something that should not be ignored. There is a need to receive immediate medical attention because of various reasons. Remember, such bites can bring various issues like infections. There are various infections caused by dog bites and these can cause severe illnesses if they are not treated properly. Another common thing about dog bites is the possibility of rabies. If the dog has Rabies it can easily transfer it through saliva to your bloodstream. The injury may also result in damage to tendons or muscles, and you might require surgery. All these kinds of treatment can result in financial burdens, and for this reason, you will need a lawyer to help you deal with it.

Hire the Lawyer if the Bites Were Due to Negligence

A dog may bite you or your child because of different reasons. It could be as a form of protection, stress, or just playing gone wrong. In most cases, small children are the most victims since they are not usually aware of situations that can trigger the animal to lash out. However, in the end, the pet owner must take the whole responsibility. Some owners will claim their dog did not bite or would never bite any person. So, unless you get a professional to deal with this situation, you may not get the compensation you need. The expert will be crucial to evaluate the situation, determine fault and see the way forward.

At the point of the injury, you may be angry, frustrated, and worried. It is possible to lash out, harass the owner, or do other things that can bring more trouble. So, you need to get the lawyer to act on your behalf. The expert will approach the issue calmly and ensure there will be no more trouble caused.

The Lawyer Will Help in Dealing with your Insurance Company

Hiring a lawyer after being wrongfully injured does not mean you are suing the pet owner or the insurance company. It simply gives you the chance to deal with the matter in a professional way. The insurance company will try to find fault to avoid compensating you. It may even claim you incited the dog and this led to the injury. These are just the tricks they use to avoid compensating their clients. So, unless you have what it takes, it is advisable you get an attorney. The specialist knows these tricks and how to deal with them without involving the court.

The professional will evaluate the claim on your behalf and getting all the relevant documents to support your claim. They will ensure the insurance company gives you the right settlement. This makes the process quick, and less time and money-consuming.


These are enough reasons why you need a lawyer in case of an injury from a dog bite. The specialist will help you identify the dog so that you take the way forward. The professional will help you to deal with various things like medical bills and counseling. They will also help you to deal with the pet owner and the insurance company. So consider these reasons if you are a victim of a dog bite injury.