Eating healthy is now the primary concern of all, especially given that fact that the immune system of people seems to be deteriorating gradually, thanks to the changes in the environment due to pollution. The spreading of awareness of eating healthy over the years have however helped people to choose healthy food for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Nowadays, you will seldom see groups of people in the office or even in homes eating anything and everything, anytime. Most of the people choose their food strategically caring for diffident things such as their:

  • Physical needs
  • Medical condition
  • Nutrient requirement and intake
  • The time and
  • Availability of food.

With such concern over their health, body weight, Body Mass Index and physical conditions, the choice of food including snacks is varied and often planned. Most of the people follow a specific diet chart designed by a qualified dietician.

However, you need not go to a doctor or a dietician to eat and stay healthy. With a little bit of knowledge and due diligence, you can achieve this feat which most people think is difficult, if not impossible.

If you know about your bodily needs and conditions, there are few easily available and makeable home snacks that you may try to stay full and satisfied. As snacking is a personal choice, not all of these snacks may not be to your liking but are worth giving a try. Here it goes.

Chocolate-covered roasted Inchi Seeds

You may not have heard about Inchi seeds but these are special power seeds that have in fact 17 more Omega 3 fatty acids in each ounce as compared to wild sockeye salmon. This may sound insane to you but in fact these seeds are considered to be the richest source of plant-based sources omega-3s on the planet.

Inchi seeds are usually found in the Amazons and have a high antioxidant level. However, the amount of it you will actually getwhen you consume these depends on how these are roasted. The process to follow while roasting these seeds should be followed at a very low temperature. High heat will damage the high omega-3 content of it.

  • These seeds have an unmatched combination of nutrition and taste
  • These are gluten-free and
  • These are full of complete protein.

All these attributes make these seeds a perfect healthy indulgence. You will find these seeds in different types of flavors but those covered in chocolate are hot favorites.

Sliced tomatoes sprinkled with Feta and olive oil

According to the research report of the Laboratory of Molecular Function of Food, it is found that tomatoes contain a substance called 13-oxo-ODA, which is actually a special type of unsaturated fatty acid. This chemical is found to have the potential to:

  • Decrease the amount of neutral fat in the body
  • Prevent metabolic syndrome from developing and much more.

This is another healthy home snack that is easily available. This snack item will surely satisfy your taste buds. However, if you do not like feta or olive oil, you can always try out a different type of cheese on top of it or have it with a light salad dressing.

Dark chocolate

This type of chocolate contains 90% cocoa which makes it look gross but enhances the health factor. It may taste bitter due to the high content of cocoa in it but there is a way in which you can mask it. Buy a brand that has coconut flakes mixed in it. This will reduce the bitter taste but will retain the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is really good for your health because it has:

  • Lots of antioxidants that helps in fighting free radicals, damaged cells and prevent cancer
  • A low glycemic index and
  • The ability to improve your mood.

Dark chocolate contains several chemical compounds that will have a positive effect on your cognitive health and mood because it contains phenylethylamine, known as PEA commonly that helps the chemicals in the brain to create specific signals as the PEA encourages release of endorphins. Therefore, when youeat dark chocolate not only you will be able to save you from hunger pranks but it will; also make you feel happier!

However, if you are worried about the caffeine content in dark chocolate, rest assured that it is so low that it will cause no harm to your body and health.

Hummus dip with vegetables

You can snack on hummus with vegetables. If you do not know what hummus actually is, the be informed that the hummus contains different ingredients but the basics ones are always tahini and chickpeas.

  • Chickpeas are nutritious as there are no saturated fat or cholesterol in it.
  • It is a rich source of protein
  • It is quite effective in treating different conditions and prevent buildup of cholesterol in the blood vessels and
  • Apart from that, chickpeas also help to maintain the right blood sugar levels.

As the blood sugar spike will be prevented, you will feel full for a longer period.

Celery and Peanut Butter

Celery is typically an undervalued vegetable and is loaded with different nutrients. It does not contain any calories. This can be a great snack item because apart from keeping you full it will lower your blood pressure as well. In addition to that, in it there are:

  • Vitamin A that is great for your eye health
  • Elements that aids in digestion
  • The high content of insoluble fiber.

The good thing is that this item will also lower the LDL or bad cholesterol. A Chicago University research study showed that only two stalks of celery taken each day can reduce bad cholesterol by up to 7 points.

Zucchini Pizza Bites

This may have the word pizza in it but is not as unhealthy in this snack item. You can sprinkle some cheese and tomato sauce over zucchini and make bite-sized pieces and bake it for 30 minutes. The cheese will provide calcium, zucchini will provide vitamin C to protects your cells from the free radicals.

Therefore, you see that home snacks do not always have to be complicated to prepare.