People love travelling by train because they can sit down comfortably than any other commuters. They enjoy their moments on the train. So, they love to eat food also. Usually, people prepare their own food at home and enjoy eating the food on the train. They can eat homemade food only if they are travelling for short distances. But if they are travelling for more than 24 hours, then they should arrange for the meals on the train. But, some people love to order food on the train. The train authorities usually arrange for food vendors on the train. The food vendors supply food on the train. They usually get into the train at a junction, provide food to the passengers and then get down at another junction.

Order food online

Today, many people who want to travel by train usually order food online. Some trains in India are associated with tourist agents. These tourist agents who arrange for the journey usually make eating arrangements for the passengers also. The passengers can choose the type of food they want. They send different food vendors in the train to supply the type of food the passengers want.  When people want to book for food online, they should follow the below-mentioned steps.

Select a train

After planning for a train journey, they should select a train that can reach them to their desired destination. They should choose the train that is most convenient for them and can reach them to their destination on time. They should preferably read the bulletin online and should the train that is most convenient to them. They can read the timings of arrival and departure also. They should then find out if the train is associated with the agents so that they can order food online.

Choosing the right food

Then, they should refer to the site of the tourist agent and choose the desired food. They can choose different types of foods that they want during breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner time. They can choose the food they want on a particular date. Some people usually travel for two days on the train and hence they need breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner for two days. Some people need food during breakfast on the first day of travelling and on the second day of travelling. So, they should enter the details online. They should select the name of the train, train number, the date of boarding, and their 10 digit PNR number. On each date, they can choose the food they want. So, they can enjoy food in train.

Receive food online

Then on a particular date, they can receive fresh food online. The food that is provided in the train is fresh. Usually, the trains also provide feedback forms to the passengers. On that particular date, they receive fresh food in the seat only.

So, people can enjoy eating special food on the train. They can enjoy their moments on the train eating delicious food. In some countries, people from different regions eat different type of food and hence people can eat different types of food.