Out of all the firms offering GMAT prep or MBA admissions help, Experts’ Global should be everyone’s first choice. Since the firm’s founding in 2008, its reputation for thoroughness and excellence has grown at a stunning rate. The secret behind their success is that they are the only ones to provide complete, “end-to-end” admissions consulting and, on the GMAT front, offer more comprehensive and detailed instruction, than anyone else. That is why students from over 50 different countries have availed of Experts’ Global’s services, thus far.

About the Company

Mr. Mayank Srivastava started Experts’ Global, with the intention to utilize the latest technology, to disseminate quality education. Just how high-quality Experts’ Global’s education is can easily be seen from the thousands of students, from all over the world, who have chosen to take up Experts’ Global’s offerings. Another critical element in Experts’ Global’s stunning popularity, is their incredibly skilled staff, who take great pride in their work. Let us a take a more in depth look at just what Experts’ Global has to offer.


Experts’ Global has an online, on-demand GMAT preparation software that has more than 300 conceptual videos that, together, cover the entirety of the GMAT syllabus, in great depth. Part of what sets Experts’ Global apart is that every individual video has been designed to be as straightforward, as it is informative. The other half of Experts’ Global’s highly effective GMAT prep approach is its 4000 practice questions, each one carefully tailored to match the exact difficulty level, concepts covered, and even style of presentation, of the real GMAT questions. This is also true of the testing interface that they are hosted on, it has the same full-screen layout, similar graphics and controls, as the official interface and even a timer that turns red, if you take longer than average on any given question.

Mock Tests

One of Experts’ Global’s strongest GMAT prep resources is its mock test series, 15, full-length GMAT mock tests with questions that are perfectly representative of the GMAT’s and a scoring system that is almost perfectly in line with the GMAT’s own. These tests are also backed by a highly useful analysis system, it will rigorously analyze your performance, in each mock, to provide you with a strong sense of exactly where you did well and where you did poorly, as well as measuring your speed, across every section of the test. It will also help you understand your overall weaknesses and strengths, be analyzing your performance, across the last few mocks.

Live Classroom Program

Experts’ Global also has a small weekend classroom program. This program is conducted by the founder, himself, whose dedication and enthusiasm have proven to be infectious, among his students, who have benefitted greatly, from Mr. Srivastava’s understanding of the GMAT, as a 99th percentile holder, in it, himself. Of course, as Experts’ Global’s study and practice material remains the same, across programs, students of the live classroom program will have full access to all of Experts’ Global’s online material.

MBA Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global takes a boutique approach to taking up applicants for MBA admission consulting, while they take up only a limited number of applicants, each year, they make sure to provide each one with all the attention that they will need. Experts’ Global is unique, among similar consultants, in that they offer guidance on every step of the admissions process, not just one or two. Experts’ Global’s track record speaks for itself, its applicants have managed to secure admission to every one of the world’s top one-hundred and fifty business schools.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Roughly half of all Indian GMAT takers, intend to apply to ISB. Understanding the overwhelming popularity of ISB, among those that come to them for guidance, Experts’ Global has taken great care to make sure that they understand every last aspect of the ISB admission requirements and processes. These efforts have certainly borne fruit, as on average, 90% of all of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants, receive admit calls.

Admission Interview Prep

Interview prep is one of the most important parts of MBA admissions consulting, and as such, it is also one of the most sought after. Experts’ Global understands this and in order to better serve their students, has developed an incredibly robust interview prep system. The prep begins with a series of 15 instructional videos that fully explain all of the nuances of MBA admissions interviews. The next phase is a detailed questionnaire, of the 30 most commonly asked interview questions. Finally, based on your performance on this questionnaire, your dedicated interview mentor will put together a series of intense and detailed mock interviews, tailored to address your exact weak areas.