Sunflowers are one of the flowers that are known for spreading happiness all around with their gorgeous look and sweet fragrance that is truly unique. They are often regarded as multipurpose blossoms for being the main source of healthy snacks, edible oil as well as bird seeds. These are best known for filling the air with a feeling of positivity because of their large size. Most importantly, they appeal to the entire mankind with their superior beauty. If you are interested in finding more facts about these awesome looking blooms, then take a look at this article. It has an endless number of useful information about them.

Not All Sunflowers Are Yellow:

American Giant and Zohar are some of the most prominent variants of yellow sunflowers and are best known to make one feel good with their marvelous appearance. The American giant is known as one of the most popular among them and can grow up to the height of 14 feet and their face widening up to 12 inches. It is often taught to children in preschool that roses are red. However, there many other blossoms in addition to them are red. They are often a mind-blowing way to add extra brightness to a floral arrangement. Purple sunflowers, also known as Chianti Hybrid, are best known for having a deep- dark red color. These are perfect for adding an excellent blend of colors to a mixed bouquet. Today, many internet-based portals are more than happy to make arrangements for online flower delivery in Chennai at your doorstep on the same day.

They Are Native To America:

Today one can easily find Sunflowers all over Europe. But the Fact is that they have their origin native to America. Somewhere back to 3000 BCE, they are extensively cultivated in a vast area in North America for a major source of medicine, dye as well as oil. Spanish conquerors exported them to other parts of the world somewhere close to 1500 BCE. These flowers are delivered at your doorstep by one of the most reputed florists in Hyderabad.

They are a Cluster of Thousands Of Tiny Flowers:

Did you know that each Sunflower head consists of thousands of smaller flowers? The petals can be easily seen all around us are called ray florets and cannot be reproduced into flowers. However, the disc-like structure in the middle where the breeding place of seeds have both male and female organs, each of which gives life to a new seed. They are either self-pollinated or blown by the wind. They are also transported from one to another by insects.

Use Them As Scrubs:

You can use the flower heads that are devoid of seeds as disposable scrubbing pads for tough tasks like cleaning your utensils and tools to save much of your hard-earn money and precious time for investing them into much more productive purpose. Unlike the rough utensil scrubbers available in the market, they hardly cause any damage to your hands.  Are you planning to send flowers to Hyderabad? If yes, then it’s always better for you to use the service of a reputed online portal.

Have Great Medicinal Values:

They were extensive in Mexico to treat chest pain that is considered to be especially life-threatening since ancient times. Many tribes native to American have approved of the healing property of these sunflower plants. Some of them used an infusion of its leaves to treat various issues related to the functioning of the kidney and pulmonary troubles.

Can Decontaminate Soil: 

Are you facing issues like contamination of soil around you? If yes, then harvest sunflowers in the affected area. They are powered to decontaminate an area of land that is dangerously contaminated due to any reason. They are highly effective in eliminating hazardous materials such as lead, arsenic or uranium from the soil.

Hopefully, you will get to know about several facts about these flowers from the points mentioned above. In case you need more in this regard, then please browse through the internet.