If you’re the type who likes to dig deeper into the history of places when traveling, then include Boston on your next visit to the United States. Book your stay at Boston Omni Parker House Hotel to come across some historic site. Considered the cradle of American independence, the city is the oldest in America, the largest in the New England region and also the state capital of Massachusetts.

How well do you know Boston?

To get an idea of ​​how important Boston is to the United States, there’s a route called the Freedom Trail, which runs through the city, connecting 16 historically significant points – from America’s first public school to Boston’s oldest church building to places connected to America’s struggle for independence from Britain. You can tell it’s a huge open-air museum.

Boston’s history is reminiscent of revolution and transformation and is today among the most advanced and progressive cities in the country. Some symbols of this advance can be found on the other side of the Charles River, where the county of Cambridge is located, home to two of the world’s most established and prestigious institutions – Harvard and MIT. Only 10 minutes driving distance from the Boston Omni Parker House Hotel.

What else Boston have?

With its many universities around, Boston is young and packed with contemporary restaurants, Broadway musicals, and nightclubs. Also, it is a business destination with an imposing and bustling financial center. But as you live in contrasts, away from the Financial District’s skyscrapers, tranquility is present among the narrow lanes of Beacon Hill, which lead you to the charming brick houses in sight.

And you can’t talk about Boston without mentioning a passion for the sport. It is home to several world-class teams.

How to get and where to stay?

In Boston, you will land at the main airport in the New England region: Logan International Airport, 4km from the city center, and 2.5 miles from Boston Omni Parker House Hotel. The most economical way to access the city center – and also the most recommended by the airport itself – is via the BRT bus. The airport also has a free shuttle bus that takes passengers to Airport Station, the blue subway line. If you value comfort and speed, then the best option is to take a taxi or a van.

Nightlife in Boston

It’s a fact that the nightlife in Boston is less trendy than in other US cities, especially if you compare with Las Vegas or New York. Boston’s nightlife is called dive bars, pubs, sports bars, craft breweries, and cocktail bars. Plenty of options to relax and have a drink after a long day of sightseeing. Some of these bars turn into nightclubs as night falls.

If you are looking for a more stroll, be sure to check out the theater program in the Theater District. The region is the center of the Boston theatrical scene. The theaters are on Washington Street, Tremont Street, Boylston Street, and Huntington Avenue