Challenging and changing times need smart security solutions. Video analytics can help with risk mitigation and management and can be an effective way to reduce risk, enable efficiencies, ensure compliantly and keep employees and assets safe. Some video analytics applications ranging from motion detection to camera tampering alarms, people counting to virtual tripwires. These applications protect people and assets against harm and damage, ideally before events occur. Video analytics use detailed and sophisticated algorithms to examine digital video feeds.

Systems enabled with video analytics work on two key concepts and that is motion detection and pattern recognition. By examining each pixel in the frame, the video analytics software is able to pick up even the slightest movement. Specific patterns can be programmed which will be recognized within the frame. If any change takes place to be it any object moved or goes missing or any new object added, the software immediately recognizes the change in pattern and sends out an alert.

Some of the most popular video analytics applications include:

Facial recognition

For creating a better customer experience and enhancing the security facial recognition can be used. Cameras with facial recognition software take milliseconds to match faced from real-time video with a database of previously stored images. It then grants access control or VIP identification or to pinpoint wanted/unwanted individuals. It leads to generally no breach of security.

License plate recognition

Traditionally automated license plate recognition was costly but now it is possible to use standard IP cameras in combination with video analytics software. It results in reducing costs and improving scalability. Moreover, it makes license plate recognition relevant for a larger number of application areas like automating entry and exit to the car parked, collecting parking fees, enabling free traffic flow on till roads and access control.

People counting

People counting video analytics solutions are very popular in the Retail Industry. It reliably measures footfall in stores and at checkouts. It helps to understand the number of customers that fluctuates over time. It helps retailers to manage promotions and adjust staff levels. It’s useful where detailed visitor statistics are needed.

Perimeter protection

These advanced video analytics solutions can see in complete darkness and provide automatic alerts when a person enters a pre-defined area within the camera’s field of view. These cameras can be set to detect moving persons or vehicles and warn of possible intruders in real-time. It is very helpful for the security teams in acknowledging suspect activity and visually verifies what’s going on before taking relevant action.

Sound detection

Video analytics cameras not only see but they also hear. Listening cameras with sound detection capabilities can add great value to a security system. As all the security incidents are preceded by some kind of noise so it’s always best to have a sound detection video analytics solution.

Thus keeping everything said above in mind, the success of video analytics implementation will be determined by the use it is put to and in which conditions.