Do you have breathing issues? Have you been diagnosed with asthma during pregnancy? If yes, then you should treat the disease immediately. Asthma is a disease associated with lungs. The disease gets aggravated when you are in the family way. Having asthma in pregnancy days can affect not only your overall health but also the health of your baby. It is necessary to keep asthma in check by proper treatment and medication. There are many pregnant women who are asthmatic use Singulair. Is it safe to take Singulair when you are pregnant? Let us get the answer and know about asthma during pregnancy in the following lines.

Problems connected to asthma

Having asthma in non-pregnancy days can be effectively treated. But, it becomes a cause of concern when you are having a baby in your womb. In case you are unable to control asthma in pregnancy months, the respiratory disease can put your health at stake. Various health issues crop up when you do not treat asthma in pregnancy.

The complications which arise are enumerated below.

* A pregnant woman may have to go through C-section.

* The development of fetus becomes restricted.

* Asthma may pose a risk to other organs of your body.

* High blood pressure.

* Chances of premature delivery are high.

Use of Singulair

Once you discover you have asthma in the nine months of pregnancy, your health care practitioner may suggest you use montelukast, which is also known as Singulair. When is Singulair used? Singulair is suggested to the asthmatic patients and children. This medication treats chronic asthma. Patients who are suffering from perennial allergies and seasonal allergies should take Singulair.

For pregnant women who experience shortness of breath, Singulair pregnancy medicine can work best for them. The medication will reduce asthma bouts and will not let you take inhaler whenever you get asthma attacks. People who have allergic rhinitis can also use medicine to prevent constant sneezing and runny nose. Singulair medicine is quite effective in allergies. If there is an inflammation in the respiratory tract, then you should take singular regularly to mitigate the swelling.

Probable side effects

Normally, the side effects vary from person to person. The common side effects are dental ache, cough, lightheadedness, fatigue, pain in the abdomen and dyspepsia. Before using Singulair, you must consult your health care provider to know about the medicine in a better way. Taking this medicine during pregnancy is considered safe. Patients who took Singulair before pregnancy can continue this medicine in their pregnancy period.

Order online

Singulair does not create birth defects; hence, Singulair during pregnancy is recommended by doctors to pregnant women who have chronic asthma. Moreover, pregnancy complications are relatively low with this medicine. If you are thinking of getting the medicine, then you can order Singulair from a reputed healthcare online store. Aside from medicine, you can also seek some vital information about the medication from medical experts. They will guide you better and will assist you on the appropriate dose.

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