Tell me about a kid who doesn’t like toys? No one, right! Toys are every kid’s best friend in their childhood. A toy is the only personal thing a child owns and can get possessive about it.

Children get delighted at the sight of toys and who wouldn’t? They come in every range from big to small, outdoor to indoor, colorful, toys for 1-year to 12-year kids, but the most important thing is that kids grow with toys.

Children spend most of the time playing and playing is the work for kids. They learn new things, start interacting with the outside world, grow physically and mentally, and toys help them in doing that.

And this is why it becomes important to choose toys for your kid wisely. Below is the guideline that will help you while buying toys for your kid.

How Should You Select Your Kid’s Toys?

Next time you take your kid to a toy store don’t get tricked by that adorable face and bubbly eyes and buy anything they want but buy what is best for them. Being a responsible parent consider few things before buying toys for your little one, which are:

  1. Age Range

Sure, toys are tempting but you can’t just pick any toy you see on the shelf. The first thing you should consider while buying a toy is the age range of that toy which is labeled on it. Because as kids grow, they outgrow the old toys.

There are different toys for children in different age groups and you should buy them accordingly. It is not only safe for your children to play with toys that are for their age group but helps them in growing.

You can’t buy a remote-control car for a 6-month-old baby and similarly, you can’t give a dancing doll to a 10-year-old kid. Age range is labeled considering the interest of the kid, whether the toy is fit for your child’s interest or not.

  1. Quality

Even when it comes to toys, quality matters. You don’t want an ill-made toy for your kid. Bad quality toys can even harm your children so, always check the quality. See the label and look for the company, if that company stands up to quality, then you are free to buy it.

Children tend to throw, stab and chew their toys and for that, a toy should be of quality to withstand the wrath of those tiny hands. A good quality toy saves you money too as the toy will be durable and you don’t have to buy a new toy again, only when your kid wants a new one. You should even check the quality of the stroller for your baby.

  1. Safety

As always safety comes first. You must be thinking about how a harmless toy can be a threat to your child’s safety, well children have their way of playing with toys and sometimes they get hurt.

So not just age but you have to check the safety of the toy that your child wants. Here are few things that you need to consider from the safety point of view:

  • No Loud Toys

Avoid buying toys that have loud music or create noises, this can affect your child’s hearing ability.

  • Resistant to Chewing

Babies tend to chew everything that comes in their hand so make sure the toys you are providing to them are chewing resistant so that they can’t chew and swallow it.

  • No Cords/Wires

Avoid getting toys that have wires or strings as a kid can strangle himself/herself.

  • No Shooting Toys

Toys like guns or that have shooting features in them must be avoided, as a kid can harm others while playing or can injure himself/herself.

  • Non-Toxic Toy

Always check if the toy is made up of any toxic material like low-quality rubber or plastic. They can be poisonous and can have a bad effect on your kid’s health.

  • Avoid Electronic Toys

For infants and toddlers avoid getting electronic toys as they pose a threat of giving an electric shock to your kid.

Before buying a toy, always take a look at the label that gives you information about the toy and helps you in deciding whether a particular toy is fit for your kid or not.

  1. Design

Now you might not look much into the design of a toy but it is important as it also pertains to the safety of the toy. A toy must be designed carefully so that it’s not a threat to your kid.

The toys must be sturdy enough to bear it all, as a kid throws, chews, bangs, pulls, and whatnot. So, a toy should be strong and flexible enough to go through it and that’s why many manufacturers provide plastic injection molding service to make toys.

A toy must not be pointed or have edgy sides as it may harm your kid.

  1. Development

Since a child grows while playing and in fact, a major part of your kid’s childhood is spent by playing. Playing doesn’t include only the fun part but also helps in your kid’s development.

A toy can have a great impact on your kid, it enhances their skills and creativity.

Here are few things that toys help within your kid’s development:

  • Learning Process

A toy can help with your kid’s learning ability and creativity skills as well as motor skills.

  • Coordinating Skills

Toys can help your kid’s body in coordinating like a puzzle, a bow and arrow toy, etc.

  • Cerebral Stimulation

The toys can help your child in thinking, creating, and exploring or simply thinking out of the box.

  • Sensory Skills

A toy that has music or lighting helps in enhancing your child’s sensory skills.


It might seem easy at first to buy a toy but turns out that many things should be considered while buying a toy.

We want the best for your kid and as a parent, you want that too and we understand your concern that’s why the above list is for you, and have happy parenting!