Whether you scheduled a girls night out weeks in advance or your best friends made last-minute reservations, you need to look the part before you leave the house. That includes putting together a wardrobe, doing cosmetics, psychologically preparing for a night in heels, and eating enough to keep the drinks from being too strong or too fast.

Whichever the case, if you are wondering what you and your girls’ will do to look elegant, this article is for you. Now, let’s get you ready for the party!

1.Pick The Dresses/Outfits

Now, for your girls’ night out, you want to pick dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd. Do you have some short dresses with beautiful necklines and exposed back that leaves everyone staring?

This is not the time to dress in your office wear. Loosen a little. If you girls are not into anything that exposes your backs, you can still have nice fitting dresses that leave your curves screaming to the crowd. What you are looking for is to be the centre of attention, so you need to go wild or simply elegant with your dress choices.

Pick out the best dresses for the night out.

2.Apply Your Make-Up

Once you’ve selected what you’ll be wearing, you need to start working on your makeup. You don’t want to go to a girl’s night out wearing the same makeup you wore to work right? You ladies need to grace the occasion with some nice makeup.

Take time to work on your eyebrows and show that you apply your eyeshadow right. Do not forget your eyelashes. Now, with this, you want to ensure that you work with the best in the market. We strongly recommend that you use eyelashes from the false eyelash manufacturer StarSeed.

These are not just designed for the market purpose alone. They are carefully manufactured with hands to ensure that everything is neatly authentic. All of their products are handled by professionals who have been in the industry long enough to know what lacks and how to best serve people by dedicating their time to bringing it into the market.

When it comes to contouring your forehead and cheekbones, you want them flashed but not so much that it makes you look unreal. You want your makeup to be well blended into your skin and still amazing to look at.

Your lipstick is an essential part of the makeup. One wrong move with this and you’ll have your makeup looking all messed up. You want to apply your lipstick evenly. Also, consider using matte lipsticks. They are incredibly great and last longer, plus you don’t leave lip marks on the cup or wine glasses.

To finish up your makeup, pray for yourself with setting spray to keep the makeup in place.

3.Get Something to Eat Before Leaving the House

Before you think I am nuts, hear me out! Now, you are going out there to enjoy yourselves, ladies, right? So, could you imagine leaving your party night early because you were too hungry, or getting carried away by your second martinis because your body could not stand it?

The essence of having a meal before you hit the party is to ensure that your bodies will not betray you while you have a good time. You don’t need to eat excess, just a light meal, or to fill your fill if you need to. Alcohol is not forgiving to an empty stomach.

4.Take Care of the Cold

We do not say that you should not be elegant, after all, that is what we are going for, but you need to take care of yourself. You can throw on some light jackets to keep you warm. Getting the all-weather ones will be great since you’ll be looking both stunning and will have kept yourselves from catching a cold.

5.Pick the Shoes

Now, ladies, I know that other than picking outfits, shoes are the next thing that takes much time. Now, you need to consider the dresses or outfits you are wearing and what will go great with them. If you chose to grace your girls’ night out with some heels, you need to ensure that you can at least run with them.

Confused? Let Me explain, when you wear shoes you can barely walk in them, you are not only injuring your spine but your leg as well. Essentially, you also end up ruining your body posture because of how you need to adapt so that you can stand in them, or even make a few soulful steps.

You want to grace yourselves at the club with confidence, not working as if you are being held at gunpoint. My point is, you should consider the risks that you pose to yourselves if you choose very high-heeled shoes.

Otherwise, choose a nice pair of shoes to get yourselves to the party.

6.Organize Transport

Lastly, the best part of any preparation is to be sure that you can get yourselves to and fro the party. Driving yourselves may not be the best idea. You can call an uber to make things for you. It helps to save you from a lot of risks that could take place.s

The Bottom Line

Having a girls’ night out is an amazing way to bond with each other and share great experiences. It is essential that you look out for each other and always be a team. Keep Rocking!