When you move into your first apartment, every room looks exciting. You look for ideas to turn the place into your personality. However, after some time, the initial infatuation starts to fade away. Before you know it, you have married and started a family. Space you once valued start to disappear gradually and you have to consider upsizing to a bigger space.

If you are planning to upsize your current residence, you should consider Emaar Beachfront apartments. These are located in one of the most popular off plan projects in Dubai. Alternatively, you can look for suitable townhouses at the upcoming Port de la mer by Meraas.

Here are some common reasons why people upsize:

  1. Growing family

This is one of the most common triggers for upsizing. Suddenly, your minimalist look is overwhelmed with baby’s items and storage is becoming a concern. Also, a bigger house will provide the kids with a perfect environment to grow.

  1. More space for a pet

A small home is not ideal if you plan to keep a pet. For instance, dogs need both interior and exterior space to play. In a bigger house, your pets will have sufficient space to play and roam around the house. So, if the pet seems cramped or you are planning to have a pet, it is high time to move to a bigger space.

  • The property market is looking favorable

Before making any decision to move, it is always good to check the current property market. Also, you can consult a reputable real estate agent to get comprehensive information about the market. Is it a buyer’s or a seller’s market? Are the interest rates low? If the market is favorable, seize the opportunity and move as the property market changes constantly.

  1. Cramped space

Every time you make a trip to the bathroom, do you bump to at least three family members? Do you compete for the shower? If the house is small to the family, you will always feel cramped. A bigger house is the solution to give everyone the space they need. The kids will have all the space they want to play while you will still have adequate space to relax in peace. Bigger houses come with more bathrooms which will come as a big relief if you used to compete for the shower.