Winter is approaching fast so it is imperative that one find ways to keep himself warm in the harsh cold environment and if keeping oneself warm is essential, why not do it in style? One way to mix style with comfort is to buy a good jacket and what is a better way to shop for a good jacket than to do some good old online mens jacket shopping. So, strap-on the seatbelts and delve into the world of jackets.

Jackets and its variations

The most common type of jackets are –

  • Biker jacket – This type of jacket derives its name from its most common use, of being used by bikers while riding and for a reason since these jackets are lightweight, body-hugging, waist-length, durable and comfortable while riding. They usually are made up of leather and sport a printed decal or embroidered ‘tattoo’ on the back and decorated with chrome studs and zips.
  • Trucker jackets – Trucker jackets are denim or leather jackets which have double breast pockets in the front. Like biker jackets, they are of waist-length but unlike biker jackets, they employ buttons as a way to fasten the jacket instead of a zipper.
  • Denim jacket-The ubiquitous denim jacket has found its application in every fashion trend, winter or otherwise. Although these jackets provide less warmth than the above jackets, they make an excellent style statement as they can be paired with any casual outfit – Crew neck T-shirts, turtleneck sweaters, on a plain shirt, anything is possible with a denim jacket. So, go ahead and choose from a variety of online men’s jacket shopping
  • Bomber jacket –These jackets are similar to biker jackets but have elastic in the waist and cuff sections. Apart from providing excellent insulation against wind, they also make a good style statement. The traditional material for a bomber jacket is leather but several other materials like nylon, Ryan and cotton are seldom used.
  • Track jacket – Sometimes referred to as tracksuits, these jackets are ultra-light but provide the least warmth as they are primarily built for people to jog or run while wearing them. They are almost exclusively made of cotton to soak up body sweat effectively.
  • Hooded jacket– These jackets are like a normal track or denim jackets except with a hood to protect one’s head against winds or to simply make a good style statement.

Common fabric materials used in these jackets

The most common material to be used in winter jackets are –

Leather is most common of them all as it provides the excellent heat retention capacity coupled with durability and good water resistance. Another common material used is wool, although it is always used as a padding in between the layers of leather or synthetic fibers and never used exclusively to make a jacket.

As said earlier, denim jackets are ubiquitous and so is the fabric from which denim is created – Cotton. Cotton founds application in tracksuits and hooded jackets too as well as for making the inner lining of most of the jackets.

Winter is coming and so one should prepare for the onslaught of the cold weather as early as possible. So go ahead and opt for online mens jacket shopping in order to get great deals and discounts on the purchases.