The growing number of cyber-attacks are making security a top security concern for enterprises. they tend to take preventive actions and secure all their digital platforms with the best possible solutions. In the current situation, anything that could help in slowing down the theft of credit card data, could be useful for businesses. Software testing and new QA standards are helpful in achieving this and this is why when a firm hires an independent software testing company, it should ensure that they are testing according to the new quality standards.

Over the years, the Payment Card Industry Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published new software security standards from time to time. These standards include PIC Secure Software Standard (PCI SSS), and PCI Secure Software Lifecycle (PCI SLC) that are a part of the new PCI Software Security Framework (PIC SSF). These standards are expected to be valid till 2022. However, whatever the timeframe and labels, the need for these security checks remains. Credit card data theft is as old as the emergence of credit cards. Thus it is important for enterprises with online businesses to secure payment modes.  And similar standards should be used by an independent software testing company to ensure compliance.

According to PCI SSC chief technology officer, Troy Leach, the new standards are designed to accommodate the expanding ecosystem of the software development process, ‘with an alternative approach to assess software security, designed to help ensure payment software adequately protects the integrity and confidentiality of payment transactions and data’.

The key factors of this approach include:

  • Critical asset identification
  • Secure default configuration
  • Authentication and access control
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Attack detection
  • Vendor security guidance

The main aim is to ensure protection of payment data by the software that stores, processes or transmits information. Although these new standards would require changes in the coming few years, as there is a much wider range of upcoming technology. The main goal of implementing these checks is not just compliance but to provide better application security. If these standards work as per expectations, that would work in the best interest of organizations. There is no way to find their effectiveness unless they are fully implemented. But according to the experts the expectations are much higher.

When looking for an independent software testing company, it is important to bring in testers who have experience in similar market verticals that may meet the delivery pipelines. Engaging independent software testers into the specific particulars of a business environment will boost efficiency and also ensure that business-critical security standards are duly met. Enterprises also invest in security testing services to ensure that they are safe from cyber-attacks. But some security experts suggest that they use pen testing and software application testing, but it is more useful to utilizes security testing tools and techniques based on the above-mentioned new security standards. Last but not the least, there are more changes expected in the PCI SSC standards that will be designed to secure credit card payments in the near future.

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