Partying and relaxing – would it be an impossible mission?

There are many entertainment venues in the districts of Budapest for young people and tourists who want to party. In the basement or neighbourhood of the condominiums, partying, loud music and the noise of reveling guests beat the silence of the city in the catering and music venues in the basement or neighborhood of the condominiums. It cannot be easy for residents of the area to endure this situation. After a long and tiring day, most people just want to rest and unwind in the peace of their home. However, the pounding music and rickshaws from discos and nightclubs disturb the tranquility.

How to avoid conflict between hospitality units and those living nearby?

There is no need to immediately break the head of those who live near nightly, musical nightclubs on the move. Filing police reports and complaints is not always purposeful and it may not be a good solution to close some popular restaurants due to dissatisfied neighbourhoods. Jobs and livelihoods would be lost. But neighbours who crave a quiet home can also be understood. Peaceful coexistence is feasible and does not require any special effort or serious financial outlay. Owners of entertainment and catering establishments operating in the buildings of condominiums or near residential areas should take into account the acoustics of the given room. The building materials used for older buildings do not have sound-absorbing or sound-insulating properties. Therefore, retrofitting is required. The treatment of the walls and ceilings with sound-absorbing panels ,sound proofing ,significantly attenuates the sounds and reflections, thus the lives of the people living next door become calmer, while the audience of pubs, discos and clubs do not have to give up the fun either. Budapest’s nightclubs are also very popular with tourists, and a large proportion of the revenue from hospitality comes from tourism. However, no one wants a constant struggle or debate with those around them. In the interests of both parties, a compromise solution must be sought. But it is not only worthwhile to provide sound insulation in the rooms where the parties take place, but also to make noise protection of the flats above / next to them. In the case of condominiums, in addition to the acoustic treatment of the walls and ceiling, it is also important to soundproof the floors and windows! Soundproof curtains can be placed in front of the windows, and acoustic carpets can be laid on the floors – preferably on as large a surface as possible. These special materials, specially developed for sound absorption and noise reduction, help a lot to attenuate the infiltrating noises.

Useful and decorative solution

In addition to their efficiency, acoustic elements are decorative home accessories that can be easily integrated into any style of room thanks to their diverse choice of colours and patterns. In addition to sound insulation in musical venues, these acoustic panels even improve surround sound! So we can hit two birds with one stone! A peaceful relationship can be established with residents who want tranquility, and we can even enhance the musical experience by creating a clearer, more beautiful sound.

Let’s have a party!

Music and dancing, partying with friends help relieve stress and tension, cheer up and energize. But it is just as important to be able to relax calmly and undisturbed, and that requires filtering out noise. With a little attention, these two activities fit together without the need to be annoyed, hated, and complained. In newly built properties, more emphasis should be placed on acoustic factors, already in the design. But most of the nightclubs are housed in an older type of building, so it is imperative to do everything possible to avoid disturbing residents with the noise of partying and the music flowing from the speakers.