Therapies are of various types and with the progressing wings of Science, the number becomes uncountable. But the most trusted are the ones to which we feel to cling onto, making them a dependable contract of consultation. It’s like a chain, what our parents loved to believe we also wish to do the same and the same would be advised to the coming generation. We leave no room for the intervention of the prospects of the current world.

Like in example, Some people believe Ayurveda is the most traditional and influential method of treatment and medication, that is what is suggested by the fathers to their son and soo is the legacy passed. But, when Progression takes a major role then it barges without notice and brings harm to the age-old legacy.

Old Days Of Ayurvedic Treatment Processes

Ayurveda-acharyas, the people who practiced Ayurvedic medicine in the olden times considered mother nature as the hub or source. Nothing was artificially synthesized. Everything natural was obtained, boiled or may be made into a paste and given the shape of tablets or applied locally as pastes. The modern-day creams available on the internet with fancy advertisements like buy no scars neem extract facewash online, generic medicines, treatment of autoimmune disorders with zero side effects  are their marketing projects to attract crowds but all of these existed in the Vedas even before people could recognize their potential and think of that one day they would make sophisticated devices called computers all of the World would be a few clicks away.

Perfection In The Modern Era Of Ayurvedic Ways Of Treatment

The post-industrialization era saw countless discoveries and advances in the field of Infrastructure, Science, Technology and major advancement in treatment methods. New kinds of Anaesthesia became available to make operations easy. Advancement in the understanding of not only Human anatomy or physiology but efforts were also made to learn Immunology, Pharmacology and Forensic medicine better to enhance treatment with minimal side effects. The major side effects ever noticed are always facial.

Local inflammation or a cross activity or allergen anything is reflected on the skin. So choosing worthy skincare products becomes a challenge these days. Chemical cosmetics may physically harm the skin after application soo choosing face wash with neem extracts can be a better choice over anything for regular cleaning of skin. Just like these choosing organic medicines, avoiding H-scheduled and D-scheduled drugs as regular intakes to reduced as less as possible to lower the chances of hepatotoxicity can be better choices among all which are available.


The Medicine and Medical Science industry has seen a great bloom over the years and so do we find a variety to choose from. With the expanding choice comes the room of confusion, to eliminate the area of confusion it is always advisable to depend on those sources which are trustworthy and have stood tall in all seasons and have won the confidence of generations.