These days, businesses are investing more in technologies than in people. A lot of businesses have started replacing manpower with smart and artificial intelligence-driven software. Investing in these software seems like a bad decision as they require a huge inflow of cash. However, if you think about the future, using these software brings you more customers, helps accomplish tasks in a better way, save a lot of time, and increase the revenue as well. The trend of AI-driven software has become so common that you can even see a lot of automation testing services companies to follow it as well. Did you know one technological advancement that is equally loved and widely accepted in all of the industries over the globe?

If you failed to find the answer, we would be glad to tell you that chatbots are the latest invention that is becoming a trend. Let it be any industry or any business, chatbots are already a part of their online presence and mobile applications. Where this has removed a lot of stress from the shoulders of the customer support representatives, boosted positive relationships with clients, helped gain more business and decrease the cash outflow as well, there are some drawbacks companies have to deal with as well. If you are interested in knowing these drawbacks, we have the list ready for you.

Complex User Interface

You must have observed that not a lot of companies are focusing on developing chatbots. The reason behind this fact is the complex user interface of the chatbots. Developing a chatbot takes a lot of time, effort, designing, and amending too. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to understand what your customer actually wants from you. So, there is a chance your client might come back with change requests even when you have delivered everything as he asked in the first place.

Changes are Not Easy

First of all, developing a chatbot is difficult but to add to its complexity, even editing a chatbot is difficult too. If you go to fix one thing about the chatbot, you can easily make a lot of other features go wrong. Most of the time, the fixed chatbots failed to work well and stuck easily. This whole process leads to the frustration of the customer and eventually your sale is hurt too. That is why chatbots keep coming back to the developer for repairing.

Updating is a Mess

As a lot of automation testing services providing companies have revealed, a chatbot needs to be updated frequently. Since market trends and demands of the customers are always changing, businesses want the chatbots to evolve at a rapid speed too. However, this sometimes leaves chatbots under high pressure, which can either lead to a chatbot missing on a lot of important information or have a sudden information inflow leading to the mixing of details.

Time Consumption is Real

The basic reasons behind welcoming the chatbots in business are to increase the speed of the response to the clients, improve communication, and have a better bond with the customers. However, it has been observed that chatbots need a lot of time to update themselves. As there is always less time for them to update and absorb a lot of information present on the web, they fail to absorb all the information in less time. This makes the whole process of self-updating really slow and truly costly. That makes lots of businesses skip chatbot maintenance and updating.

It is Costly

As we discussed before too, every technological solution seems costly in the beginning. The same is the case with chatbots. No industry deny its importance and usefulness. However, they believe chatbots require to be programmed and debugged differently and a lot of times for each business. This whole process increases the initial installation cost and a lot of companies do not feel like investing so much in one go. They also believe that a chatbot might require some last-minute changes as well and such changes always end up in increasing the investment, time delays, and no surety of best results too.


Chatbots are really an amazing invention that has taken a lot of pressure from the routine of the customer support reps and business owners as well. However, there are a lot of drawbacks to having chatbots as well. The drawbacks we shared are even confirmed by automating testing services providers as well who test chatbots in their routine. If you are deciding to have a chatbot, we suggest you think it through.