You need to widen your network if you plan in joining Forex Trade. By that, the most effective means of broadening your network is through social media. Twitter and LinkedIn are playing a very important role in widening the networks of Forex Traders. Other than Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook is also starting to gain the attention of online traders.

Thanks to the format of Facebook, it is so much easier to share valuable information among traders, such as the wonderful display of graphics and efficient publishing of charts. In fact, the highest number of ‘thumbs up’ belongs to Facebook pages tackling categories like online academies, signal providers, community forums, and brokers. Though the purpose of these pages is mostly promotional, it is undeniable that there is a handful of useful information shared here by relevant people. If you are thinking of starting on Forex Trading, you may want to check this Facebook pages first.

1.     eToro – 1,992,053 Facebook Likes

The biggest trading network worldwide is eToro. Through Facebook, they were able to snatch the attention of people and become Forex traders. Most of the posts found in their Facebook posts are conversation-starters and not promotional announcements. There are also a lot of topics about Forex trading but you can also find a handful of general topics about business.

2.     Instaforex – 1,116,559 Facebook Likes

Another influential Facebook page is Instaforex. They attract traders mostly from Asian countries. They were able to adopt social media, Facebook in particular, and acquired a great number of followers. Most of the posts found in Instaforex are promotional and infographics about online trading.

3.     Indian Forex – 393,662 Facebook Likes

If you are looking for some information as well as insights regarding currency pairs that involve Indian Rupee, then Indian Forex is the Facebook page for you. Their page portrays currency news and even memes that you can share on your wall.

4.     Profit Forex Signal – 375,546 Facebook Likes

Just like how its name sounds, Profit Forex Signal is a well-known signal provider that’s widely used by Forex Traders. They provide trading suggestions after you pay a monthly subscription fee. This page also shows shared posts from members and success stories from their traders, giving future customers a glimpse of what they can expect from their paid service.

5.     Free Forex Signal – 254,006 Facebook Likes

If Profit Forex Signal charges you on your monthly subscription, Free Forex Signal offers trade suggestions free of charge.

6.     Forex School Online – 181,918 Facebook Likes

If you want to study the price action, you may want to train under the program offered by Forex School Online. Their page consists of traders that are very active and share useful insights as well as discussions about trading analysis and strategy. They also have charts to properly demonstrate the strategies introduced in their program.

7.     Forex Fund International – 128,191 Facebook Likes

This Facebook page mostly contains “words of wisdom” coming from famous names in trading history.