Teaching your teenager the importance of not texting and driving is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. There are so many things that we take for granted, like knowing that our vehicles are in good working order before leaving the house, being able to drive to school and back without having to fumble with a cell phone, and not having to worry about your teen speeding or driving with a bunch of kids. All of these things are important and they should not be taken for granted. Sadly, they are often taken for granted in this country. There is no doubt that the number of teenage drivers breaking traffic laws daily is rising rapidly. 

The problem is that many teenagers think that they are still cool and that it does not matter what they are doing when they are on their cell phones. Some of them know better, but others do not. You should not let your teenager use a cellular phone while they are driving. Text messaging can cause your teenager serious problems if they get caught. It is easy to tell them not to use it but while you can’t control their behavior when you aren’t around, you can help them in other ways. If you are concerned about the situation, the first thing you should do is teach your teenager not to text and drive. You should instruct them to text other people and drive instead. There are a variety of ways to do this. Try some of these tips: 

You can change the settings on your teenager’s phone so that when they receive a text message, it will automatically notify the sender that your teenager is driving and cannot receive text messages. This way he or she will be able to return text messages after they get to their destination. If they don’t get any notifications they will not be tempted to return text messages or be distracted while driving. 

 Take the time to think about why your teenager is texting other people while they are driving. Are they using their cell phone more often while they are driving? Are they talking on their phone as much as possible or do they talk to their friends during certain times of the day? These are important questions to answer because it shows you the seriousness of the situation. 

Make sure your teenager knows the serious consequences of texting while driving. The most serious is hurting themself or someone else if they are distracted. Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents. Serious accidents can occur including loss of life.  Teach them about the  penalties such as getting a fine and paying a small fee. Get them involved in the fines and points so they will realize that they are causing problems by text messaging while driving. 

Make your teenager aware of the serious penalties of sending text messages while driving. This could include jail time, a hefty fine, and even a suspended license. Some states have already passed laws requiring drivers to cell phone only when necessary. Others are considering making it illegal to text message while behind the wheel. Teaching your teenager the importance of not texting and driving starts with you and continues throughout their lives. 

Teaching your teenager the importance of not texting and driving will take time and effort. Your child may need you to monitor their texting from time to time and remind them to put the phone away when they are not using it. The time and attention you give to them, will reflect on how they handle life as adults and the chances of them having a positive attitude and social life will be higher. 

Teaching your teenager the importance of not texting and driving begins before they reach the

legal driving age of 18. You can help your child get through the learning curve by being an active role in their life. Talk with your child about the various dangers of driving and being on the road. Point out the possible emergencies that could happen and talk about what you do if you are in an emergency. Tell them there is a reason why you spend money on car insurance or extended auto warranties because these are caused by accidents. You can only control these occurrences with proper insurance and or a good warranty. If you are looking for auto extended warranties, look into a reputable company like Olive car warranty for all your basic needs. These things can happen like a mechanical breakdown, something out of your control. But refraining from texting while driving can save money and lives. It is vital teenagers understand this. 

Tell your teenager that there is a real problem with texting while driving because it can lead to an accident or possibly get a ticket. Discuss the possible penalties with your teen and remind them to always have a clear voice to listen and text or talk using the phone. Encourage your teenager to drive carefully and use the proper hand and eye coordination while driving. Teach them to be aware of what they are doing when driving and use a hands-free system if possible. Teach them that they should never text or use the phone while driving and that they should always put everything they are using in their vehicle. 

It is vital that you teach .your teenage child the responsibility of communicating while using a cell phone. You can start your child out with simple rules such as texting when they are using their phone. Continue to educate your child over time with more detailed information about the dangers of texting and driving. The more you talk to your teenager about the dangers of texting and driving, the more likely they will learn how to make the right choices and keep their heads clear.