Digital lift advertising is one of the most innovative ideas of displaying ads in 21st century. The lift advertising agencies target those elevator screens that are generally located in buildings with good demographics. This is a great opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. The agencies target the food courts of those buildings that can use a quick sales lift, or the local gym who are soliciting new members. With a few permissions they might be able to target some fancy residentials.

The advertising network understands the politics of publishing a mixingof ads and information that can be relevant to elevator occupants i.e. information about live news, weather, sports, insurance policy or sales on some expensive healthcare treatments which are generally beneficial for the viewers and also help the companies to sufficient advertising revenue to keep the network viable. Nowadays real estate management firms and venue owners are also installing their own network which means an increase in powerful communication and advertising platform for their tenants. They can use digital signage software as a means to increase share building spaces, like connecting elevator waiting areas and entrance lobbies. The advantages of elevator screens are:

  • The digital signage displays can become handy in providing content that captivates and entertains the viewers.
  • The digitalisedads serve a double purpose-they can attract people as well as deliver useful information. This can be applicable to hotels, corporate offices where one can show news items, events, weather forecasts or restaurant menus. Nowadays ads are also in full display in metro railways.
  • With ads in digital modes, one can trigger emergency alerts that will not only appear on every elevator display but can also target specific groups of people.
  • One must use elevator screens with caution and restraint and turn them on or off at proper times.
  • To put elevator screens, one must choose the kind of lift they want to use: panoramic or automatic sliding doors. Next thing is what kind of lift one chooses: it must have more numbers of people which is the case for large shopping centres. Next, one must make a proposal of how it needs to be installed and for this one must consult an advertiser or creative. Lastly in the elevator one must install not something flashy but simple.

However, there are several kinds of advertising in elevators. Five of them are:

  • Doors: There are the most generally used resource for advertising. The advertising can be combined between the doors and interiors of a cabin.
  • Sometimes the elevators are too stuffed and people suffer from discomfort. Advertisers must exploit this area.
  • Outside the cabin: sometimes the structure of the elevators is very visible and then the advertising takes places outside the apparatus.
  • Button: it was nearly unthinkable to use button as a form of advertising until some films have done that.
  • Displays: the progress of technology has enhanced the scope for advertising. In recent years, different forms of promotion have emerged such as where advertising is projected in LCD screens.

So, digital lift advertising are definitely going to benefit you.