The accelerated technological development that the nations of the world have been experiencing for more than a decade has provided changes in all sectors of the economy and business, work models have not been the exception, innovation not only challenges the evolution of the sector, but which also forces them to adapt to offer a better service. The technological explosion not only It has transformed the way of making purchases, but it has also directly impacted the traditional conception of the labor bond.

Technology makes it possible

The digital age has come to impose changes; Moving from a disciplinary model to a transdisciplinary approach, this resulted in a shift in routines, and corporate structures, many companies understood this and have long mobilized for change. Even in the malls and supermarkets, the barcode scanning makes the inventory and billing easy, so there are barcode printer in Ludhiana lets you print the barcode for the products.

In this sense, delivery or “online ordering” applications have quickly become popular, becoming a solution, through a business model in which customers order products that are delivered to their homes by the delivery people. They are companies that serve as contact platforms between establishments and the consumer.

Unexpectedly, within the constant evolution of the world towards globalization, a new element appears on the stage, a pandemic that deeply attacks the entire society, the coronavirus. In less than three months, more than one hundred and twenty-five countries have suffered the attacks of this virus. In this unprecedented reality, states of emergency and the suspension of guarantees have been inevitable, giving rise to the world’s first state of exception. As a collateral consequence, the technological regime of the fourth industrial revolution emerges as a rampant flow that makes its way.

The prevention of spreading corona virus

The health crisis has generated that governments, as a State policy, implement social distancing measures, with the purpose of flattening the contagion curve; This has forced the temporary stoppage of companies, large, medium and small. During these weeks, society has rearranged its lifestyle, making online consumption expand even more in many countries of the world through delivery, rapidly promoting the new model of consumption at home.

A major advantage is the strong range of functions with included warehouse management in all price models. Restaurateurs also appreciate ordering at the table, food notify connection for allergen information, multi-login, offline mode, table overview, course selection, and many other features with online ordering platform for restaurants in Ludhiana.

Low investment costs because the POS system runs on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones and the Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

POS has a lot of advantages.

The big difference to the predecessor Point of Return (POR) is that you can get information from POR about how many preparations you have ordered, but at POS it is also very precisely informed about how many If you have a representative, for example, I can take an inventory with the computer within minutes and am therefore optimally prepared for the negotiation. ” In addition, the pharmacist is pleased that the system “thinks” and the order volume matches the “historical statistics” of the respective product – the automatic order system does not “think” rigidly, but moves in relation and is therefore correct in the ordering system the function of a seismograph.