Customers want increased dependability and durability since harsh applications are susceptible to stress, vibration, and rough handling, which can cause terminals to get dislodged and create signal interference. The PicoBlade Connector System has a two-point contact design for a secure electrical connection and a frictional lock for mating retention.

PicoBlade Wire-to-Board Connector users have expressed a need for better electrical conductivity than the current Tin-plated versions can provide. PicoBlade Connectors come in various configurations, including 2 to 17 circuits, Tin and Gold plating, through-hole and SMT mounting, and vertical and right-angle orientations. The gold plating ensures long-term dependability and durability.

Multiple purchasing and engineering processes can raise prices, lengthen the procurement process, and complicate it. Picoblade connectors with a diameter of 1.25mm have a dependable two-point contact design and a friction lock. PicoBlade Connectors are serviceable for prototypes as well as mass manufacturing.

Feature of PicoBlade Connectors

Since the inception of PicoBlade, the market has got a new king. The connectors have a monopoly in the wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections. PicoBlade receptacles have a tiny pitch and friction lock, which means they take up less PCB area and reduce the danger of inadvertent unmating due to vibration or abuse.

PicoBlade connectors are small, compact, and have a 1.25mm pitch. The characteristic of friction lock provides a long-lasting connection. The connectors are available in a flash and 0.38m gold-plated, which provide improved dependability and endurance in demanding environments.

PicoBlade connectors come with an optional vacuum cover for SMT vertical headers, allowing high-volume installation with industry-standard pick-up nozzles. Phosphor bronze contacts, a tin-plated contact area, and four header choices, including through-hole and SMT with straight and right-angle configurations, are available on this connector. Under low-current, low-voltage, and high-vibration situations, the two-point contact design ensures a stable electrical connection.

Now let us throw some light on the uses of PicoBlade connectors:

PicoBlade connectors are available in both wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations. When compared to traditional 2.00mm wire-to-board methods, the technique saves roughly 45 percent of PCB area. It’s a single-row system with surface mount and through-hole headers that is available in 2 to 15 circuits.

It’s a single-row system with surface-mount and through-hole headers that’s available in 2- to 15-circuits. Crimp harness assembly using separate wires is supported by a wide variety of automated, semi-automatic, and manual tools. Because of these features, PicoBlade connectors are used in various areas.

Automotive sector

To achieve the highest levels of performance in the automobile industry, components must be dependable and safe. The connectors have been tested and proved to have a high resistance to vibrations and shocks, as well as meeting all industry standards for heavy-duty and waterproof performance.

The automotive sector is highly dependent on PicoBlade connectors for their workflow and operations to a large extent. In the automotive sector, the PicoBlade has shown magnificent uses in Body control modules, combination switches, in-vehicle comfort and infotainment, instrument panels, shifters, and steering.


PicoBlade connectors are engineered for long-term use and reliable handling. From screw-machined terminals with multi-finger contacts to our heavy-duty, shrouded design that offers positive polarisation to help in blind mating situations, superior quality is built-in.

The typical services include Telecom switches, Servers, Processors, Medical equipment, Aerospace, and Military defense systems.


A drone is a flying robot that may be commanded remotely or fly autonomously using software-controlled flight plans in its embedded systems, which work in tandem with onboard sensors and GPS. A Picoblade cable is used to link a flying controller to an FPV camera. On compatible boards, you typically don’t have to connect your camera to your FC anymore.

Laser Printers

Businesses nearly exclusively utilize laser printers because they have a reputation for being dependable and producing high-quality prints. It defines a differentially charged picture by continually passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged cylinder called a “drum” to generate high-quality text and graphics. The Picoblade connectors make it easy for the inner wires connections to build a circuit.

Smart Television

A smart TV is similar to a computer in that it runs apps and provides high-resolution video. It enhances your watching experience by allowing you to access and stream digital material. Like any other PCB-based electronic device, the core of a smart TV is a motherboard, and PicoBlade connectors make the connection easy and swift.


A server is a piece of computer hardware or software that offers functionality to other programs or devices in the computing world. The purpose of a server is to access, store, and transport all files and data from other computers across a network. The PicoBlade connector’s presence in the backdrop of servers is one of the reasons that it is impossible to think of getting any work done without them.

The Last Words

The creation of the PicoBlade has advanced the technological era. Many large activities and functions owe their existence to their tiny size. They make it simple to build circuits. They are adaptable, durable, and provide excellent signal integrity while reducing space inside the application. This innovative connection technology aids in the reduction of total expenses by simplifying design.