Thanks to intercoms, it is clearly visible who is waiting at the door. However, old intercoms were often of such poor quality that communication through these devices was very difficult. Both the sound and quality of the microphone made it difficult to understand the other person. Today, everything has changed thanks to video door communicators. What are these devices and why are they considered so innovative?

How do video door communicators work?

Video door communicators are modern devices that are considered by many to be the next link in the evolution of the intercom. This is a milestone in video door communicators, because the latest devices (like those from 2N) enable excellent communication with guests. These modern intercoms are distinguished by great sound and image quality, thanks to which you can perfectly see and hear the visitor waiting at the door. The HD camera, available in the latest models of intercoms from 2N, provides HD quality image, so you can easily recognise anyone who is ringing your doorbell. This is important not only for your comfort, but also your safety. A modern and super-sensitive microphone collects sounds very accurately, so you can clearly hear every word of your guest. This is very important because in old intercoms there were often problems with understanding due to background noise. Video door communicators from 2N effectively separate noise from the words of the person speaking through the intercom, so the conversation is conducted as if it was face to face.

Video door communicators – a sense of security

An additional advantage of modern videophones is the night vision option, which allows you to closely watch anyone who approaches your door. This option effectively protects against uninvited guests and intruders. The ability to accurately verify who is standing at your door is extremely important because it allows to make quick decisions.

Modern video door communicators from 2N are extremely popular today, which is why they are installed both in houses and apartments, as well as in places such as office buildings, government buildings, and corporations.