Smartphones are known to make our lives better. Since the last decade, these little devices have replaced stopwatches, alarm clocks, calculators, to-do lists, notes, diaries, and many other things. We have become increasingly dependent on these devices. In this article, Reviews has presented us with cues that will help us to detect whether we have become addicted to our smartphones or not.

Smartphone addiction or nomophobia has become a glaring issue that demands attention. Thus, we must find a way to cure this problem. It’s quite easy to find if you’re addicted (checking your phone a hundred times a day is one of them).

The Ways

Here are some ways you can confirm whether you are addicted to your smartphone –

  1. Anxiety- Some addicts flinch at the thought of departing from their phones. They tend to get anxious to such an extent that it starts to affect them physically. They get fidgety and can’t put their minds to anything. They lack in concentration due to the absence of their mobile phones.

If you are scared or insecure to leave home without your device, then you have an addiction and need to work on your mental health.

  1. Spending too much time on social media – Social media has managed to ingrain itself quite deeply into our lifestyle. It controls our lifestyle, the way we behave, we dress and even some aspects of our private life.

The news has brought up instances where people have hurt themselves and even committed suicide just because they didn’t get the approval that they expected on their social media profile.

Although most cases aren’t that severe, the majority of smartphone users who frequent social media websites experience negative emotions regularly.

  1. Constant nudges – Take a look around you. 9 out of 10 people have their faces stuck to a mobile screen. People these days can’t stay still and have to be constantly stimulated via a smartphone. This is quite detrimental to their mental health.

Instead of talking to an actual person that is sitting beside them, people tend to tap away at the screens of their mobile. If you find yourself in need of constant distraction, you are addicted and need to look for better hobbies.

  1. Procrastination – If you find yourself snapping back to reality after a long session of YouTube surfing or gaming session, then you have an addiction. Procrastination is the bane of all creative work. Your phone can become a distracting element, stopping you from completing your tasks at their given times.
  2. Bad grades – This is a rising concern and is affecting children as well as young adults. Students are way too distracted by games, social media, TV shows, movies and much more. The grades are dropping, and parents are concerned more than ever. So, if you find yourself in the middle of the night checking your Instagram feed or playing games with your buddies, even though you have an important test tomorrow, you are probably addicted.


Smartphones were created to make our lives easier. But as they evolved, they developed into much more complicated devices with unforeseen consequences. Reviews has mentioned only a few of the symptoms of smartphone addiction. The signs of addiction can be observed in a variety of cases. Briefly speaking, if you think you’re spending too much time on your smartphone, you’re probably addicted.