What Are The Places To Do Visit In Kerala?

Kerala is a world-famous tourist place. This place is suitable for all sorts of tourists. In fact, it will come under the topmost honeymoon destination in India. Thence if you choose Kerala tour packages you will be able to visit all the hottest tourist spots available in this place. The basis to choose a tour package to visit all the famous spots present in this place. The places you will surely visit are,


Munnar is the best place to visit in Kerala. It is meant to be the coolest place to visit. For the newly married couples, this place suits well. Also if you are an adventure lover then it is the best place to visit. It is located in the height of 80, 000 miles. In this place, you will see a lot number of adorable places.

Its all give you a treat to your eyes and you can see the tea plantation gets expanded all over the place. Once after your visit here then you can witness chill climate and clouds that cross you very closely. It’s all a new experience.


Alleppey is the notable tourist spot in Kerala. Because you can see the actual beauty of Kerala here alongside this place is well known for its backwater. Here a lofty of houseboats are available. You will really get wonder by looking at the way that the houseboats are made. You can go for boat riding and stay for a day by paying some pay.

The places you turn will be completely covered with water and some other vegetation as well such as paddy fields, chapels and so on.


Kochi is the best place amongst the tourist’s spots present in Kerala. You will get to know the history of Kochi once after your visit here. It is situated in the south-east of Kerala and you will get mesmerized by means of the places, temples and other things. You feel like staying in a foreign country if you get to this place. So never miss Kochi or Cochin.


Kovalam is the place for beach lovers. If you visit here then you will witness the best beaches. Once after you get to this location you can see several kinds of sports that are water sports including parasailing and then many more. also, you will be able to see so many peoples who belong to some other language, region, and culture. So it is the place you will see diverse tourists.

The most important places are Halcyon caste, Hawah beach, lighthouse beach, Thiruvallam Parasurama temple and then many more.


Kozhikode is for those who love food. You will taste the best Kerala cuisines that you ever tasted in your life before. In this place, you will see a lot of cultural and historical places to visit. That is why you should never miss this place on Kerala tour packages and the topmost places to visit are the beach, Payyoli Beach, Conolly canal and so on.