Hip Replacement in India is at its pioneering stage in the Asia Pacific Region with a success rate of 99%. India is now the first choice for medical tourism. It does not only apply to patients from Asia but all across the globe.

Hip Joint is one of the primary joints that helps in body movements. Any damage to the joint or acute pain may lead to significant problems. If you want to get rid of this condition, it is vital to undergo the necessary treatment. The doctors usually begin with tests and medicines. But, it is not possible to treat all the situations with drugs and pain suppressors.

So, Hip Replacement is essential when medications and therapies fail to provide any relief in pain. The surgeons suggest you for the surgery so that you can walk and move freely without interruption.

Now the question is, when must a patient consider Hip Replacement?

Signs and Symptoms to Undergo Hip Replacement Surgery:

Non-Surgical hip treatment can help you to limit the pain and other signs of issues in your hip joint but cannot get the complete cure. Especially if the test results detect arthritis or groin pain, Hip Replacement is the only solution.

Moreover, there is no harm in undergoing surgery, as there is no chance of failure. Hip Replacement is not an instant decision; a patient can take enough time to decide whether or not he wishes to undertake the surgery. Of course, the operation cannot be the first choice for any patient. But, it is mandatory if,

  • The Patient Has Tried all Non Operative Remedies:

The non-operative methods for hip treatment include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Shots or Drugs.
  • Pain Killers. You can go for pills and injections both.
  • Physical Exercises.
  • Weight Loss Techniques etc.

If any of the above-listed methods help you with the relief, you can continue with the treatment. These methods are helpful if the pain is in the initial stages, and the joint is not damaged. Even if it is partial damage, you have to undergo the partial or single hip replacement. Medications and non-surgical treatment are not at all helpful.

  • Your Hip Hurts During Daily Activities:

The pain begins with an interruption in bending and climbing stairs. But, if the pain reaches the chronic level, you suffer acute pain while moving, standing and even while lying still. Your body suffers stiffness, and you cannot perform well in your personal and professional life.

  • Accidents:

The accident that leads to a hip injury or fracture in the hip joint find its cure in Hip Replacement Surgery. You may get back to normality either through partial hip replacement or total hip arthroplasty. But, non-surgical treatment is not at all helpful in this situation.

A considerable delay in deciding for the surgery may worsen your situation. Moreover, there is no reason for avoiding hip replacement surgery, as there are minimum complications and side-effects. Also, Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India is extremely affordable. The operation is not only economical for domestic patients but medical tourists too. The cost of treatment in India is less than any other developed country in the world.

So, if you are a candidate for hip replacement; plan your Hip Replacement surgery in India at the earliest, to avail maximum benefits.