One of the sectors which link every other industry is the construction industry which includes carpentry. Carpenters need in almost every other construction project. So, if you notice there are certain limited tools which are essential in this profession and should be carried by every woodworker.

This is the complete list of Eastman tools required by any carpenters and we have collected some description which helps in usage.

  • Hand saw: one of the essential hand tools which is irreplaceable as this is one of the reliable tools. It offers many variations but all have one common purpose which is cutting. This is generally preferred by professional carpenters as they could control the cut by producing a great finish. As this is the tool which has variation, one of the essential tools. The traditional saw, coping saw, hand saw, and rip saw are some examples. Hand saw is also available in power tools.
  • Spirit levels: Spirit levels help obtains the perfect leveled surface. Many carpenters prefer for having longer levels but it all depends on the application and type of work.
  • Tape measures: always keep handy and useful, all carpenter uses a tape measure even for any smallest work. This is very crucial for getting the right dimension during work. As the tape measures, make sure that uses the most adequate one with the right precision on it. There are some options, which include the electronic type that could help you measure your wood piece.
  • Claw hammer: some other vital and most important tool for a carpenter is Eastman claw hammer. many people recommended having a hammer with steel handle as it allows right driving force and also has good gripping while using. While using steel handle hammer, keep it sure that they have a rubber covering for better gripping and performance. The wood handle is also fine but working for a longer time would make the hand sweaty thus needs to have gloves.
  • Chisel: chisels are good, made up of alloyed steel required for clean cuts. Chisels are also available in various shapes and sizes starting from ΒΌ inches ending up to 2 inches long. Chisels are used by almost every carpenter and woodworkers for chipping out wood to make space in a wooden block. Corner chisels that act as a whole punch, removing some section of wood with one hammer blow. Wood handles would recommend, capped with metal to withstand them for constant hammering.
  • Clamps: it is useful in the carpentry industry; these clamps are used to secure the workpiece with the working station. It will keep the hand free to perform any other task on to the workpiece. These are available in different sizes, designs, styles, and models as well. It is very helpful if you are making 90-degree cuts.
  • Carpenter square: it is one of the tools which could not be replaced, a square to make some cuts are essential. The most preferred size is the 6-inch model that is easy to carry as well.